The Beginner’s Guide To Taping A Hockey Stick Properly

Beginner Hockey Stick Tape

How To Tape A Hockey Stick Properly

Knowing how to tape a hockey stick properly is almost as important to the game of hockey itself as knowing how to skate. Taping is a ritual that seasoned players do before each game to ensure they get the best grip and most life out of the blade of their hockey stick, allowing them to get the best touches and shots with the puck. Below are the steps for how to tape a hockey stick properly, so you can fit right in before even stepping out onto the ice.


Just What Rules Change Between NHL And NCAA Hockey?

NCAA vs NHL Rules

Playing ice hockey at a Division I college gives many players the training and experience they require in order to eventually carve out a career at the NHL level. Although NCAA players aren’t paid millions of dollars and they have to take a bus to each game instead of a private jet, their passion and commitment to the sport are what make college hockey so compelling. However, when college players make the leap to the professional ranks, what rule changes do they have to learn?


2013 Pure Hockey Holiday Gift Guide

Pure Hockey Holiday Gift Guide

Welcome to the 2013 Pure Hockey Holiday Gift Guide! We know how crazy things can get around the holidays, and thought it would be a good idea to help you effortlessly find a gift for every hockey player in your life. In order to simplify things a bit, we went through the hundreds of skates, sticks, gloves and gift ideas on our website and narrowed down each category to a handful of items that are sure to put a smile on anyone’s face. There are great ideas at every price point and performance level, so hit the buttons below to get some ideas!

Bauer X80 SkateSKATES

Graf G35 Supra StickSTICKS

Glove GiftsGLOVES

Hockey Gift IdeasGIFTS

Free Agent Hockey Gear Tracker

As the season quickly approaches, we wanted to take a look back at the summer of free agent moves from the best side we know, hockey gear!!!!

We sat down and took the top 20 free agents signed, ranked by annual cap hit of their new contract and took a look at their equipment. For each player, we took their cap it and divided it by four, then attributed that number to each of 4 categories (Hockey skates, sticks, gloves and helmets). This is all based on respective players gear from the 2012-2013 season and does not account for any players who may have changed some things up over the summer.

I.E. David Clarkson’s new contract in Toronto will have a annually cap hit of $5,250,000. We divided that by 4 and came up with $1,312,500 for each equipment category. We then assigned That amount, $1,312,500, to Tackla Gloves, Easton Sticks, Bauer Skates and Easton Helmets.

So after adding up all those numbers, we came up with the following…