Playoff OT Is Not Broken, and Here’s Why…


If you want the NHL to implement a system in which playoff games are decided in a shootout then you’re probably the same person who thinks fighting is unsportsmanlike and that everyone should get a trophy after every gym class. Baseball plays single innings until someone wins. Basketball plays 5-minute periods until someone is winning at the end. Soccer plays two 15-minute periods, and then goes to a shootout if needed. Football can be won on one single play in overtime, but if there’s no touchdown first, the rules get a lot more complicated. As for hockey:


Trusting A Retailer


A Young Goalie Getting Fit For New Gear In Our Braintree, MA Location

As the largest hockey retailer in the U.S.A., sometimes it’s hard to post our opinions on events or trends as they relate to the hockey products and hockey brands we sell. If we say something very good about a product or brand, you may just believe that’s us practicing good ‘ol hucksterism and that we’re only trying to sell, sell, sell. That’s just not always the case.


If The NHL Season Ended Today…

2014 Stanley Cup Predictions

Just like any hockey fan, when we at Pure Hockey realize that March is winding down and April is right around the corner, there is only one thing on our mind. Not college basketball and March Madness. Playoff hockey. Another thing hockey fans like? Being right. So, once we have a general idea of how the playoff picture is going to look, ideas start brewing of how it could all shake out. That brings us here. All teams have under a dozen games to go. Of course we could probably wait another week or two, but what’s the fun in that? So here it is. If the season ended today, how would a March Madness-style, one-loss elimination tournament go?


15 Things Every Beer League Player Wants

Beer League Hockey We’re all competitors and still want to win every game, but a little while ways down the road, after trading in the ‘competitive’ skates for their beer league counterparts, priorities begin to shift a bit.

1. The opponents’ average age to be the same or higher than your team’s.

Beer League Hockey Wants We worked all day, we don’t work out nearly as much and bluntly, we’re mostly out of game shape. We’re here for some time with the boys and aren’t looking to chase around a bunch of 20 year-olds home for summer break.

2. Wives and girlfriends to instinctively understand that no matter if game time is 7:00pm or 10:40pm, we’ll be at the rink until 1:00am.

Beer League Hockey WantsWe love you, we truly do, but yes this is in fact way more enjoyable than cuddling on the couch and watching the bachelor with you. Please don’t make us answer that question, because you wont like the response. Whether we won a nail-biter or lost by 20, there will be more beers waiting in the locker room than Oktoberfest and yes, we will be here until we finish them. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE