5 Hockey Tips That Made Me a Better Player


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5 Hockey Tips From My Coaches

Everyone who has grown up playing the game of hockey knows of the universal strategies that people use to better themselves on the ice. These are strategies that all players partake in, including things like weight-lifting, conditioning, or fine tuning your skills through on-ice and off-ice drills. What is not universal about growing up as a hockey player is the specific advice that your coaches have given you. Everyone has been pulled aside by their coach and been schooled on a part of their game that needs help, or just to point out something that you are doing right. These small tips can often have a bigger impact on your game than hours in the gym or on the track. Here are 5 hockey tips that made me a better player over the years. These tips all came from various coaches over the years and all of them really landed with me and helped me to understand the game.


Off Ice Benefits of Playing Hockey

You can probably find a trillion articles out there about the physical benefits of playing hockey (or any sport, for that matter). Hockey specifically allows you to sharpen your ability to think quickly, offers myriad cardiovascular benefits, increases your strength across the board and provides you with one of the most versatile workouts you can find on the planet.

But what about the off ice benefits of playing hockey? Of course, the physical improvements and gains you accrue for your body can translate to other sports, but how does hockey benefit a player off the ice? What are the tools you can collect from years of playing hockey to utilize in your every day, non-sports life? Let’s explore.


New CCM FitLite Hockey Helmet Preview

Marian Hossa wearing the brand new CCM Fitlite

Marian Hossa wearing the brand new CCM Fitlite

The New CCM Fitlite Helmet

It had been a while since CCM had really made a big splash in the helmet world. Well, in the last couple years it has become evident that they weren’t just sitting around ignoring helmets. With the launch of the Resistance helmet last spring, CCM reasserted that they belong among the top helmet makers in the game. This year they are looking to push that to the next level with the CCM FitLite.


10 Types of Men’s League Players

It Takes All Sorts of Characters To Make Up A Championship Beer League Squad...

It Takes All Sorts of Characters To Make Up A Championship Beer League Squad…

A men’s hockey league is a special type of community. It is a place where hockey players of all walks of life come to meet up and fulfill their need for companionship and competition. This isn’t an overwhelmingly large community though, with rinks tending to be few and far between in some areas. This leaves players to form mixed leagues of various skill levels, ages, personalities, and even genders.  The variety of players you will find from locker room to locker room is…vast…to say the least. Even the reasons for playing vary from player to player. You should be able to read this and pick out what kind of men’s leaguer you are. You should even be able to put some teammates’ faces to each of these personalities.