Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Skate Preview

As a hockey gear junkie there are few things more exciting than a Bauer skate release. Luckily, 2014 brings us two; the first is the newest edition of the Supreme line, the TotalOne MX3 skate. Bauer’s focus was to increase and improve players’ range of motion. By increasing range of motion players are able to generate more power in their strides so that less energy is wasted. To create additional comfort and responsiveness, Bauer also worked to eliminate as much negative space in the boot of the MX3 skate as possible.

The MX3 features a new injected stability lacing system which is a one-piece eyelet system designed for several purposes. Similar to, but distinct from the one on the APX2, the MX3’s lacing system is designed with more curve in the forefoot for an improved wrap to really hold a player’s feet. The inside of the eyelet piece on the new MX3 skate is hollowed out in the mid-foot to allow for better forward flex with each stride. The eyelets are designed in a ‘T’ shape to create individual lace locks, eliminating the need to retie or tighten the skates during a game. By using a single piece construction pressure is spread out over a larger area, reducing the risk of failure at a particular eyelet or point on the skate.

Bauer MX3 Skate Injected Stability Lacing System

Injected Stability Lacing System – APX2 vs. MX3

The next step was improving on the – albeit limited – complaints that players had with the TotalOne NXG skate. One common complaint focused on the Free Flex Tendon Guard that Bauer introduced on the NXG which was designed to allow players to extend their stride further and generate more power. Unfortunately the tendon guards didn’t flex exactly where they were supposed to and it created additional pressure on the guard, causing cracking or complete breaks in some cases. The MX3 skate features a new, reinforced tendon guard that flexes only at the hinge point and is significantly stronger. On top of fixing the Free Flex Tendon Guard, Bauer improved it by adding an increased range of motion for a longer stride and better skating efficiency.

The 3Flex tongue, which prompted similar complaints as the original Free Flex Tendon Guard, has been redesigned. Players complained about pressure on the top of the foot caused by an abnormal flex spot. To remedy this Bauer gave the MX3 skate cuts between the main portion of the composite insert and the ‘wings’ to allow for proper flex, while still effectively serving their purpose. The idea behind the 3Flex tongue is to reload your foot when you skate. You flex forward and then the tongue springs you back, maximizing energy return and getting your foot ready for the next stride as quickly as possible.

Taking a cue from the Vapor line, this year’s Supreme line (including the TotalOne MX3) will feature the TUUK LightSpeed Edge holder which allows players to change steel in a matter of seconds. An important innovation since its launch, the edge holder can virtually eliminate the need to miss a shift to repair broken blades or lost edges. This is a fantastic feature for players who often travel to tournaments, not knowing if there will be a shop open to fix an edge in an emergency situation. The Lightspeed Edge holder also adds 3mm of overall height for quicker turns and a better attack angle on the ice.

A final great note on the Bauer MX3 skate is the weight; this skate is seriously light coming in well under 800 grams. Bauer studied how players play the game and asked a few key questions:

  • How many shifts do they get in a game?
  • How many strides do they take during each shift?

After extensive research Bauer came to the conclusion that the weight reduction in the MX3 skate can save a players legs from lifting over 800 lbs over the course of a game. Where does that 800 lbs come from? The weight difference between the MX3 and its predecessor multiplied by strides taken in a game. That’s a lot of energy to save during a game!!!

The MX3 Skate is now shipping at the links below!

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