Bauer Supreme 1S Hockey Stick Review

Bauer Supreme 1S Sticks

Bauer Supreme 1S : Play Explosive

Bauer users should know the routine by now. If you are someone who really lays into their shot, whether you are winding one up or taking a one-timer, you are waiting anxiously every time a new Supreme stick is announced. Well good news for you, this year’s Bauer Supreme 1S will not disappoint. Although the new gold-colored TeXtreme composite will definitely be the first thing to catch your eye, we can assure you there are a lot more improvements to this stick than just great new looks.

Bauer Supreme 1S Stick new taperBrand New Taper

Much like they did for the release of the Vapor 1X in 2015, Bauer is using brand new production equipment that has allowed them to redesign the shape of the Supreme 1S’s taper. The new design allows them to integrate the taper lower, creating a wider taper body and helping to amplify the already great ‘catapult effect’ of the Supreme stick.

In addition to the new shape, the lower third of the Bauer Supreme 1S stick also features a major spec update, the use of an all-new, high-modulus carbon fiber. Don’t know what ‘high-modulus carbon fiber’ means? Don’t worry, unless you happen to be an engineer, you probably shouldn’t. Simply put the new material reduces the stick’s weight, improves the balance and increases the stiffness of the lower third of the stick. Everybody knows lighter and better balanced are good, but what does a stiffer lower shaft do? Keep reading…

New Supreme Maximum Power Kick

The Bauer Supreme line has always offered an ideal kick for heavy shots. The combination of the 1S’s new tapeJack Eichel flexes his Bauer Supreme 1Sr shape and the upgraded carbon fiber material results in the stiffer lower third of the stick mentioned above. This added stiffness shifts the Supreme kickpoint even higher than with previous models creating what Bauer has dubbed the Supreme Maximum Power Kick Flex Profile (MPK). The new MPK allows the stick to store and return even more energy than any past Supreme model. More energy stored combined with more energy returned (and therefore less energy lost) = harder shots.

Bauer Supreme 1S Tactile Grip

Bauer’s TacSpiral grip has been a staple of the Supreme line for years now, and on the 1S TacSpiral has been taken to the next level. Bauer set out to improve upon the highly popular feature by enhancing the grip without restricting players’ freedom, allowing them to easily slide their hand on the stick. Bauer has lowered the height of the raised structures on the underside of the shaft and spaced them out more to create a more natural feel. The new Supreme 1S Tactile grip is a great combination of grip when you need it, and also freedom of movement when you don’t.

Power Sense 2 Blade Core

Bauer has several returning blade technologies associated with its Supreme family of sticks that have been highly popular and effective. Returning from the MX3 stick is the Power Sense 2 Blade Core. Also featured on their Nexus 1N stick, Bauer was able to remove weight in the blade by eliminating excess glues and other materials by fusing the foam core to the outer TeXtreme Carbon Fiber.Bauer Supreme 1S Power Sense 2

This blade is designed to be softer, for better touch when stickhandling and passing. The softer blade also allows the puck to be cradled longer on powerful slapshots, ensuring maximum energy is transferred from stick to puck. Bauer’s AEROFOAM 3 in the heel of the blade provides great stability while keeping the stick light and well-balanced.

Other Key Bauer Features

Bauer’s Supreme Power Shaft is designed to work in coordination with the Maximum Power Kick to minimize deflection on shots, keeping them accurate and reducing energy lost. It also features squared corners to maximize the player’s control of the stick when shooting.

Monocomp Technology is Bauer’s construction process that creates true, one-piece sticks that are light, balanced and durable by eliminating overlapping layers of composite, resin and foam.

TeXtreme Carbon Fiber is used exclusively by Bauer in the hockey world. The material is 20% lighter than traditional carbon fiber while remaining extremely strong.

eLASTech Resin helps to slow the spreading of micro-fractures to extend the ‘pop-life’ of the stick, keeping it feeling and performing newer for longer.

Pure Shot Blade Profile is an expanded throat connection between the blade and hosel, reducing the amount of blade deflection on shots to maximize accuracy.

GripTac Coating is Bauer’s clear tacky grip coating that helps prevent the shaft from rotating in your hand as you shoot or pass, resulting in a more accurate and cleaner release.

If you are looking to pick up your own Bauer Supreme 1S stick, we have what you are looking for. Whether it be senior, intermediate, junior, or youth; you can find the 1S you are looking for at the links below!



Bauer Supreme 1S Stick

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