Bauer Supreme 1S Skates Preview

Bauer Supreme 1S Skates

Bauer has always been a forerunner when it comes to the innovation of hockey skates and on many occasions, their Supreme line has led that charge. The innovations found in the Bauer Supreme 1S skates are no different.

Bauer Supreme 1S Skates Technology

C-Flex Technology Tendon GuardBauer Supreme 1S Skates - tendon guard

The Supreme TotalOne NXG introduced us to Bauer’s flexible tendon guard and it was updated when the MX3 was released, but for the Bauer Supreme 1S skates, they have taken it to the next level. Bauer’s new C-Flex technology will allow players to customize the stiffness of their tendon guard.

Using simple and secure inserts, Bauer has added one more place where players can really fine-tune their skates to fit their game. There are 3 stiffness levels; the ‘mid’ insert, the ‘stiff’ insert or no insert at all. With no insert, the tendon guard will be about ½ as stiff as the MX3’s flexible tendon guard; the mid insert will create about the same stiffness as the MX3; and the ‘stiff’ insert will be about as stiff as the original TotalOne’s stationary guard.

Form Fit Lite Tongue

The newest version of the top Supreme skate model features the Supreme-specific version of Bauer’s Form Fit Lite tongue. The tongue is designed to balance comfort, performance and durability. It combines thicker, 52 oz. felt, with 40 oz. felt and also additional comfort padding. This combination of materials creates a tongue that is more integrated into the skate for a much better overall fit and improved comfort. Like previous Supreme models, the 1S will give players the ability to customize the stiffness of the tongue. Bauer has updated the inserts to the new ‘C-Flex’ inserts for improved performance.

3-D Lasted, Titanium CURV Composite

The Bauer Supreme 1S skate boots will be built using 3-D lasted, Titanium, CURV Composite. 3-D lasting is a process created by Bauer and is used on their ‘Pro’ level, high-end models across all three families. The process creates a closer fit that helps to lock in the heel and ankle, allowing for better power transfer in every stride. CURV Composite is an ultra-lightweight material with great heat mold-ability for exceptional comfort. CURV Composite is also more efficient than similar materials, reducing energy loss for a more responsive skate.

Injected Stability Lacing SystemBauer Supreme 1S Skates- Lacing System

Returning on the 1S is the one-piece, Injected Stability Lacing System. The Supreme lacing system is designed with more curve in the forefoot for an improved wrap to really hold a player’s feet. Like on the Supreme MX3, the inside of the eyelet system on the 1S skate is hollowed out in the mid-foot to allow for better forward flex with each stride. The eyelets are designed in a ‘T’ shape to create individual lace locks, eliminating the need to re-tie or tighten the skates during a game. By using a single-piece construction pressure is spread out over a larger area, reducing the risk of failure at a particular eyelet or point on the skate. This improves the stability of the skate and improves the consistency of performance for the entire life of the skate.

Fit Improvements

When Bauer began the process of designing their 2016 skate lines, they dove in deep to really examine the foot measurements that matter most when it comes to hockey skates. The goal was to gain a better understanding of the foot in order to develop three unique, but complimentary skate families and truly create ‘A Fit for Every Player’.

This data driven approach allowed them to identify four key measurements to look at in order to ensure a player gets the best skate fit possible. These variances look at the dimensions of a player’s forefoot, instep, ankle and their heel depth. The results of this research did not lead to any major adjustments to the fit of Bauer’s “Anatomical Fit” skate line, but it is worth noting as a point of reference to see where Supreme falls compared to Vapor and Nexus.

For all of the measurements mentioned above, the Supreme line will fall in the middle of its two sibling lines. The Vapor line will have the least room in each direction, while the Nexus has the most. The Supreme line will be the happy middle ground, fitting well on most players, with the exception of those on the extreme ends of spectrum.

The Bauer Supreme 1S skates will also share some other features found on the Vapor 1X. The first will be the Bauer SpeedPlate Footbeds and the other is the LightSpeed Edge holder with LS4 Steel Runner. Click the links to see more on both of those great features.

Bauer Supreme 1S Skates - LS4

The Bauer Supreme 1S Skates are now available for pre-order in both junior and senior sizes. They will be available for purchase on and Pure Hockey stores starting on April 15th.

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