Bauer Nexus 8000 Stick Pre Order

The Nexus 8000, Bauer’s newest elite-level offering, is worth getting excited about. Previous Nexus sticks were known for their reliability, and the Nexus 8000 is no different.


The Nexus 8000 will satisfy the needs of top-tier players with a TRU Mid-Kick flex profile to ensure that you are as connected with both the stick and the puck as possible at all times. Even with the supreme feel this technology creates a fast, powerful natural release on both shots and passes.

Once again Bauer is showing that they are a pioneer in technological advancements, through the use of TeXtreme technology which reduces weight and maintains strength, while allowing the Nexus 8000 to be up to 20% lighter than its carbon counterparts. To supplement the strength of this stick, Bauer has included eLASTech, a resin based system that increases durability by reducing the spread and impact of micro-cracks, which are inevitable in today’s game.

By using the most advanced materials and manufacturing techniques, Bauer has ensured that the Nexus 8000 will provide the performance that even the most elite player is looking for. Pre orders for this stick begin today and orders will ship on the official release date, April 17th, 2014.

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