Bauer APX 2 Composite Stick Preview

The much-anticipated Bauer APX2 is almost here! Slated for a September 13th launch date. Some big improvements have been made in terms of weight, durability and feel.

The Vapor continues to be Bauer’s versatile stick line, with the Intelli-sense technology dual flex zones. Depending on your hand positioning, the stick will flex differently. On a wrist or snap shot, when your bottom hand is higher on the shaft, the stick flexes at a low flex point for a quick release and more accuracy. When you take a slapshot with you hand lower on the shaft, the stick flexes at a higher point for more energy loading and a more powerful Bauer APX 2 Flex Tech shot.

The biggest improvements have come in the blade. The new Aero-Sense Core is not only more durable, but provides significant increases in feel. The blade core is the Aero-Foam 3 with an energy absorption quality. It is lighter and less brittle than previous iterations giving it better feel and durability.

The new blade core is more pliable than in the past, which allows the blade to give more catching hard passes or taking impacts and making it less susceptible to cracking internally. Think of it like the glass on a cell phone screen, it has some give to it, so as to not crack too easily on small impacts.

There is also an added “sense layer”, a rubberized coating around the core to dampen impacts. It also adds feel to the stick when stick handling. Combine this with the new stitching through the core and the additional durability is noteworthy. These features work together to reduce heel and toe cracking and prevent that internal cracking you can hear that weakens blades over time.

The new Vapor APX2 has the quickest shot release velocity of any stick, according to Bauer. It is designed to load energy when it hits the ice, and then again when the stick contacts the puck, as opposed to bouncing off on contact. This helps get the puck to maximum speed quicker. It isn’t claiming to shoot any harder necessarily, but it gets to top speed faster, think about a Porsche vs. a Prius, both can do 80 MPH, but one gets to 80 a heck of a lot quicker.

Bauer APX 2 StickThis idea of the stick being able to “catch” the puck and not rebound off immediately also adds to a players ability to stick handle, keeping the puck from bouncing away from the stick, keeping it closer to the blade, less distance for the stick to move and quicker handles. It also adds to ease of pass receiving.

Now lets get run down the returning features to catch up. The shaft shape remains the same, with the Micro Feel II shaft. It has rounded corners and double concave sidewalls to fit more comfortably in your hand, improving feel and stickhandling. The APX2 carries over the TeXtreme technology carbon fiber. Exclusive to Bauer, TeXtreme is an ultra lightweight and strong carbon fiber that uses a thinner weave and thus less material. TeXtreme is 20% lighter than traditional CF without sacrificing strength. Combined this with the use of less material and you’ve got a seriously light stick!

Monocomp technology is Bauer’s industry leading molding process that eliminates the shaft/blade fusion point, removing excess carbon, glue and foam. This makes the stick not only lighter, but much better balanced. Bauer eLASTech lengthens the “pop-life” of their sticks, keeping them performing like new for longer. What this technology does is to stop micro-cracks in the composite from spreading out and weakening the stick.

The APX is currently on presale at and will ship on 9/13.

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