Bauer 37.5 Technology – Managing Moisture Efficiently

A new addition to Bauer’s product line this year is a material upgrade to 37.5 technology, a revolutionary new fabric that will be introduced into their protective gear and base layer apparel. What’s 37.5? Fair question. 37.5 is a fabric made from Cocona and is designed to keep you cooler than anything else on the market.

Most other materials wick moisture away from the body, which isn’t a bad thing, but it causes a “greenhouse” effect which captures heat. To combat this your body has to burn extra energy to remove the moisture and keep you from overheating, which nobody can afford. Rather than simply moving the moisture elswehere, 37.5 technology eliminates it.

Bauer 37.5 Technology

This new fabric uses your body heat to evaporate the moisture, keeping you cooler and dryer. Exerting less energy on temperature management means you have more in the tank for the game. 37.5 fabric has 800% more surface area than average polyester. More surface area allows the sweat to run so that it doesn’t collect in big pockets. These smaller, more spread out amounts of moisture evaporate faster with body heat. Fabrics with 37.5 technology dries up to 5 times faster than similar materials.

Bauer 37.5 Technology

Comparing the wicking capability of different materials. Data provided by Bauer. (click to enlarge)

The 37.5 material also acts as an anti-odor material to help keep your gear smelling just a bit fresher. The way the treatment is applied to the fabric ensures that the 37.5 technology is permanent and continues to be effective over time, even if you wash it regularly.

You can find this new technology on Bauer gear including:

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