Backyard Rink Game Ideas

Have you ever found yourself in this situation: backyard rink and lucky enough to have a goalie – but only a few shooters? Not enough for a full tilt, so what do you do? Well, a couple buddies and myself had the same problem and took some inspiration from a sport I’m not generally a big fan of, basketball.  With 3 skaters, a goalie and a small rink, we decided to make up a hockey version of 21.

It’s amazing how creative guys can get on the ice out of sheer boredom. So if you need something to do during the lockout, here’s a couple I’ve seen and a few of the rules. Have fun!

Hockey 21

This one is best played with a goalie, three shooters and a relatively narrow rink. It’s a smaller, differently scored version of the rebound game most guys have played at the end of practice.

– Just like the basketball version, one player starts the game with the puck in the slot, 15-20 feet out.

– The other two skaters stand by the top of the crease. Since you’re likely not wearing padding, stand towards the posts with your sticks in front. We’re not responsible for you getting whacked, man!

– Shooter up top shoots and everyone plays for a rebound until there’s a goal, the puck gets covered or goes out of play.


Goal from the top gets 1 point

Goal from a rebound gets 2 points

Rebound that goes 5-Hole gets 3 points

– The player who scores a goal then goes up top to begin the next play

– A 5-hole rebound goal is 3 points for the scorer; it also sends the last player to touch the puck back to 0 (or back to 11 if their score was 11 or higher already).

– If you score three in a row from the slot on the original shot (not the rebound), you get a breakaway on the goalie that would be worth 2 points if you score. If you don’t score on the breakaway, play the rebound as usual.

– You have to hit 21 on the nose to win. So plan accordingly. Any scenario that puts you over 21 (ex. putting in a rebound with 20 already) sends you back to 15. Which you deserve for not being able to add properly.

One Timer Game

This game is great for Stick & Puck when there’s no goalie and guys are tired of playing posts.

You’ll need two nets. Take one net, and lay it down Crossbar out. So the bottom of the posts are lined up, touching, on both nets one in normal position and one lying down.

Everyone lines up, one at a time you skate in, pass the puck off the crossbar, then have to one time it on the way in. Obviously trying to put it into the opening at the top of the upright net.

To win, you need to hit 4 different one-timers: a slapshot, a snapshot, a backhander and between the legs (in no particular order).

Game rotates through each player in order. If you hit a shot, you immediately go again and try for the next shot.

With the net lying down, a lot of the upright goal is covered. Its tougher than it looks!. And you have to be sure to leave yourself space to get the puck up, and line the pass up at a good angle for the different shots.  Good luck!

Now here’s the fun part, We are going to put up a $50 Pure Hockey Gift card to the best original game submitted to us on the Pure Hockey Facebook Page

We’ll pick a winner Friday January 18th. Get creative…

(My brutal attempt at illustrating the net set up)

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