5 NHL Skills Events That John Scott Would Dominate

If you are looking for an opinion on whether or not John Scott deserves to be in this weekend’s NHL All-Star Game, you have come to the wrong place. You might as well go over to Facebook and find a nice, comfy comment section to argue in because you aren’t going to get what you want here. There is no one right answer – because there doesn’t have to be. NHL gives the fans the right to vote, the fans vote for Scott, Scott plays. If you believe that other players are more deserving based on their skill, you are right. If you are of the belief that Scott deserves it more because the fans voted him in over others, you are also right. The only thing that we all agree on is that the NHL botched this process and made a public spectacle of Scott. However, here are a couple of competitions that the NHL could add to make Scott feel more at home.

2016 John Scott Skills Competition Order of Events

  1. Hardest Punch

The AMP Energy NHL Hardest Punch, obviously. No brainer.


  1. Quickest Glove Drop

Joking aside, how is this not a thing yet? We have advanced statistics that will tell us anything these days. There’s probably an advanced stat out there that will tell you who the most effective stick taper on the ice is, so why don’t we have a stat that
measures a player’s willingness to fight?


  1. Suit & Tie Relay

Underwear is in the locker room. Suit is hanging behind the bench. Tie is with the usher at the elevator door. First one to the press box wins. Your prize is that you get to watch the rest of your talented teammates play actual hockey.


  1. Fastest Over The Boards

Hockey is about speed. It’s the fastest game on Earth. That doesn’t mean you just skate fast and shoot fast, though. If you’re on the bench, and something is going down on the ice, you have to be the fastest to jump on and fight someone! Scott is the ideal candidate for this title. Every time he hops the boards I envision Jackie Moon in the movie Semi-Pro…”SOMEBODY HIT SOMEBODY!” By the way, never leave the bench to fight someone. Unless you are trying to get suspended.


  1. The NHL Phil Kessel Roundup

The finale of the John Scott Skills Competition. Maybe Tim Horton’s or IHOP would sponsor this one; something like that. First, get Phil Kessel. Grease him up if you want to; maybe give him a red flag. John Scott and competition wait patiently behind the Zamboni doors, and at the whistle…it’s on. You open the doors and watch what unfolds. Participants – be ready though, Phil will be armed.


In all seriousness though, good for John Scott. He didn’t ask for any of this. All we hear is that he is a nice guy with a growing family that does his job on the ice. Whether you agree or disagree with his role on the ice, there are teams who are willing to pay him to play a sport he loves. You can’t blame him for doing it. We want to hear your ideas. What events do you think John Scott would dominate if the NHL created them? Let us know in the comments. Also, don’t forget to find us on social media!

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  1. Most penalty minutes in one minute you put a life size doll of an averege nhl player body and the player who manage to recive most penalty minutes in one minute by making fouls on the doll wins my bett is on scott for this competition

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