2015 Stanley Cup Finals Gear Breakdown

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of the year. We’re going to forget for a few minutes that hockey season will be over in a matter of weeks (sniff sniff) and just focus on the fact that we have the Stanley Cup Finals starting tonight! With the Bolts-Hawks matchup this year, are we now seeing the full transition to a league focused solely on speed and dynamic playmaking? Or is there still room for the big, bruising style of play that has gotten some teams across the finish line in the last few seasons? We’ll find out in the next couple of years, but this series should be akin to a day at the races. Do some neck exercises, because during this series, your head is going to be going back and forth……back and forth.

This also means it’s time for Pure Hockey’s annual Stanley Cup Gear Review! In the past, pretty much all of our other gear breakdowns¬†show Bauer as the undisputed champs of the hockey gear business. Not much has changed with this Cup Finals.

2015 Finals Gear


Now, let’s be realistic, the gear a player wears has nothing to do with the performance of his team. But it’s always interesting to take a deep dive into what the players on the biggest stage in the sport are wearing and to see where the trends are headed.

This year the leader of the pack hasn’t changed. Bauer still rules the roost with 56% of the total gear worn in the Finals. Before putting this together, we would have guessed that CCM would have been a strong second, given their rising momentum, but we were wrong. The biggest surprise was Warrior, who came in second with 18% of the total gear in the Finals. Warrior’s largest presence was in gloves, where they finished in a three-way tie for 1st place on the Blackhawks roster and second place on the Lightning roster. Warrior also finished strong in sticks.

A hockey equipment companies true market share is not determined by two NHL teams, to say the least, but we always have fun putting these together and seeing the outcome.

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